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Are Dog Owners Responsible for Injuries Their Pets Cause in Response to a Child’s Screams?

When young children are frightened by a barking dog or other aggressive animal behavior, they often respond by screaming. This can result in the dog turning its aggression toward the child, which can lead to serious injuries. In the case of Robinson v. Meadows, the Illinois Appellate Court discusses whether the Animal Control… Read more →

Are Dog Owners Responsible for Injuries Their Pets Cause When Children Unintentionally Provoke Them?

Although they may not intend to, children often behave in ways that irritate animals. This behavior can result in serious injury if the animal responds. In the case of Nelson v. Lewis, the Illinois Appellate Court considers whether dog owners are legally responsible for injuries caused by their pets in situations where the… Read more →

Are Property Owners and Contractors Responsible for Injuries Caused by Improper Snowplowing?

Because Illinois winters include significant snow and ice accumulation, many property owners hire contractors to perform snow removal services in their parking lots. Even so, slippery conditions may persist and can lead to injuries. In the case of Hornacek v. 5th Avenue Property Management, John Brannen, Lawrence Brannen, Linda Marks, The Brannen Family… Read more →

Are Owners of Aggressive Dogs Responsible for Injuries Their Pets Cause When Provoked?

Throughout Illinois, and especially in rural areas, it is common for families to own dogs as pets. Unfortunately, these pets sometimes act viciously toward humans and cause serious injury. In the case of VonBehren v. Bradley, the Illinois Appellate Court discusses the conditions under which dog owners are responsible for injuries caused by… Read more →

Are Landlords and Property Managers Responsible When a Tenant’s Dog Causes Injuries that Contribute to a Guest’s Death?

Many landlords allow their tenants to own dogs—a situation that can, in extreme cases, lead to injury or death because of a dog’s behavior. In the case of Brown v. Woldszynek, Regency Canterfield, LLC, and Michelson Realty Company, LLC, the Illinois appellate court addresses whether property owners and/or property managers are responsible when… Read more →

Does a Contract Between a Business and a Snow Removal Company Create a Duty to Protect Customers from Natural Accumulations of Snow and Ice?

During an Illinois winter, it is common for snow and ice to accumulate in parking lots and on sidewalks and access ramps. These slippery conditions can be dangerous, and they sometimes lead to serious injuries. In the case of Jordan v. The Kroger Co. d/b/a/ Food 4 Less and Pete’s Lawn Care, Inc.,… Read more →

Are Contractors and Property Owners Responsible for Injuries Sustained at a Construction Site when Pedestrians Are Distracted by Road Noise?

Construction sites are a common occurrence, and they are often easily accessible by pedestrians. There are many dangers present in an area that is under construction, and in extreme cases, passersby can sustain serious injuries when they come into contact with an exposed site. In the case of Peters v. Carlson & Sons,… Read more →

Is a Landlord Responsible for a Tenant’s Guest Falling into a Catch Basin?

Landlord and tenant relationships are fraught with complications and potential for disputes. In extreme cases, tenants, or their guests, can even suffer serious injuries because of landlord neglect. In the case of Nguyen v. Lam the Illinois Appellate court addresses whether a landlord is responsible for a tenant’s guest falling into a catch… Read more →

Are Auto-Renewing Contracts Legal in Illinois?

It was a perfect fall day and you were enjoying a delicious beer on the porch when you felt your phone vibrate. Not one to let a message go unchecked, you reached into your pocket and pulled out your phone. There it was: “Thank you for renewing your yearly subscription to Ultimate Extreme… Read more →

Can a Chicago Lease Be Terminated When Property Is Sold?

In my experience helping hundreds of tenants in disputes with their landlords a few questions pop up over and over again. Ranking just below security deposit disputes, unlawful entries, and tenants wishing to end their lease early is landlords notifying tenants that they will have to move when a property is sold. This… Read more →

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