Dog Owner Not at Fault When Neighbor Slips

It is well established that under the Illinois Animal Control Act the owner of an animal is legally responsible when that animal causes an injury to another. This is true in the obvious case of an attack or bite, but also in less obvious cases where the animal chases, trips, or kicks someone…. Read more →

The Illinois Probate Process

Out of all the areas of law, probate ranks near the top of those that ordinary people are likely to experience during their lifetimes. Though probate is commonly encountered, the Illinois probate process is shrouded in mystery—which often leads to fear, delay, and sometimes outright avoidance of filing the probate case. This article… Read more →

Inheriting a House – Illinois Law

The death of a close family member can cause a lot of chaos and stress. When it comes to the paying of debts and distribution of assets, the heirs often need to know the rules for inheriting a house in Illinois. This article will discuss the different types of real estate ownership and… Read more →

Is a Lawyer Required for Probate in Illinois

When a family member dies his or her debts must be paid and remaining property distributed in accordance with a will or the Illinois rules of intestate succession. For many people this will be their first time interacting with the court system and there will be far more questions than answers. I have… Read more →

When Is Probate Required in Illinois

Prior to the death of a loved one few people have any familiarity with the Illinois probate process. In fact, most people I speak to have never been to court before – many have never even spoken to a lawyer. For those that have heard of probate, what they have heard isn’t good…. Read more →

Who Inherits If No Will in Illinois

In my experience a very low percentage of people bother to execute a will before their death and this low rate of estate planning is even more prevalent among people who die at a young age or unexpectedly. Because of this, people commonly ask, who inherits if no will in Illinois. This article… Read more →

How to Terminate a Month-To-Month Lease in Chicago

Having handled hundreds of security deposit disputes in Chicago, a common question I address is how to terminate a month-to-month lease in Chicago. Month-to-month leases come in two primary forms: Oral leases that were month-to-month at the outset; and Written leases that expire and the tenant continues to live in the unit and… Read more →

How to Retrieve a Will from a Safety Deposit Box in Illinois

When a close family member dies, one of the many tasks faced by his or her heirs is searching for, and locating, a will. In many cases the decedent (person who died) locks their will in a safety deposit box thinking that it is the best place for important documents. Historically, the people… Read more →

How Much Does Probate Cost in Illinois?

Losing a loved one is difficult. In addition to the emotional impact of the loss, there is often a lot of transactional work that must be done to wrap up the decedent’s affairs. The formal administration of a decedent’s estate in Illinois is called probate. Probate certainly gets a bad reputation in the… Read more →

Farmer Not At Fault For Reduced Visibility

Property owners owe certain duties to people who use their property with their permission. In Farrell v. Farrell the Third District Court of Appeals was asked to decide whether a landowner should be responsible for an accident allegedly cased, at least in part, by mature corn blocking the visibility of children riding dirt bikes and… Read more →

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