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Avoiding Rental Scams

Rental scams are as old as the landlord-tenant relationship. Historically the most common scam was landlords keeping tenants’ security deposits, often with impunity. Laws like the Chicago Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordnance have curbed these practices so thieves have evolved. Since the world has gotten smaller, technology more wide-spread, and landlord-tenant relationships more anonymous, the opportunity for… Read more →

How Long Do Chicago Landlords Have To Return A Security Deposit

Almost every day we are asked how long a landlord has to return a security deposit in Chicago. The short answer is: usually 45 days after the tenant moves out. However, this is not the case in properties not subject to either our local law the Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordnance (“RLTO”) or the state-wide… Read more →

Breaking a Lease in Chicago

Breaking a lease in Chicago (or anywhere else) before the end of its term is risky and you should always consult a lawyer knowledgeable in Chicago landlord-tenant law before attempting to end your lease. This article aims to provide general legal information (and not advice specific to your situation) about breaking a lease… Read more →

What to do After a Car Accident

This guide will walk you through the steps to take if you have been involved in a car accident. If you would like to consult with an attorney, contact us at (312) 566-8456 for a no-cost no-obligation consultation. Be Prepared Though most of us experience few accidents in our lifetime, being prepared can… Read more →

Chicago Security Deposit Interest

Chicago security deposit interest is one aspect of Chicago security deposit law that is regulated by the Chicago Landlord Tenant Ordinance. If a landlord does not pay a tenant interest on the tenant’s security deposit, the tenant can recover a statutory penalty of 2-times the deposit, attorney fees and court costs. Section 5-12-080… Read more →

Chicago Landlord Tenant Ordinance

The Chicago Landlord Tenant Ordinance (RLTO) is the preeminent source of tenants’ rights law for those that live in the City of Chicago. To download a full copy of the Chicago Landlord Tenant Ordinance, click here. For a more user-friendly version of Chicago tenant rights, keep reading. We are only taking security deposit… Read more →

My Landlord is Stealing my Mail

From time to time we receive calls from tenants in Chicago reporting that their landlord is stealing their mail. Mail theft is serious crime and below we attempt to provide information to help tenants recover their mail and stop future theft. We are only taking security deposit cases right now, but we have… Read more →

Chicago Tenant Rights When an Apartment Floods

As a firm that practices Chicago tenants’ rights law, a common question we receive from tenants is, “What can I do if my apartment flooded?” While the answer is not straightforward, this article will discuss different options that are available for tenants in this situation. We are only taking security deposit cases right… Read more →

Chicago Security Deposit Law

Chicago security deposit law is among the most protective of tenants’ rights in the nation. If your landlord: Stole your security deposit; Made excessive deductions; Failed to pay interest; or Is taking an unreasonable time to give it back. We can pursue the landlord for: Return of the deposit; Double damages; and Attorney… Read more →

Illinois Small Estate Affidavit

It is no secret that probate can be a lengthy and expensive process. It is for this reason that people often seek to avoid probate if possible. Illinois has recognized that, due to inadequate estate planning, many small estates were needlessly being forced to go through costly probate proceedings. To attempt to remedy… Read more →

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