Are Auto-Renewing Contracts Legal in Illinois?

It was a perfect fall day and you were enjoying a delicious beer on the porch when you felt your phone vibrate. Not one to let a message go unchecked, you reached into your pocket and pulled out your phone. There it was: “Thank you for renewing your yearly subscription to Ultimate Extreme… Read more →

Can a Chicago Lease Be Terminated When Property Is Sold?

In my experience helping hundreds of tenants in disputes with their landlords a few questions pop up over and over again. Ranking just below security deposit disputes, unlawful entries, and tenants wishing to end their lease early is landlords notifying tenants that they will have to move when a property is sold. This… Read more →

Can an Employer Take a Fingerprint – Illinois Law

As technology progresses employers are adopting more advanced ways of identifying their employees. The days of having an employee identification number or a PIN are giving way to fingerprints, retina scans, and even facial recognition systems. Though the latter two are usually only seen in high security industries, fingerprinting is becoming  more mainstream…. Read more →

How Long Does Probate Take in Illinois?

One of the most common questions an Illinois probate lawyer faces is, “how long does probate take in Illinois?” Understandably, heirs and legatees (people who receive property under a will) would like to wrap up an estate and distribute property as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the question is not as easy to answer… Read more →

Is Facial Recognition Legal?

The Technology and the Concerns Over the past decade, computer technology has advanced at an amazingly fast rate. Problems that were once unthinkably complex, such as self-driving cars, are becoming reality. Though technology moves quickly and benefits many people, both developers and those who seek to profit from technology – especially those who… Read more →

Is a Bond Required in Illinois Probate Court?

Anyone who has had dealt with probate court (or any court) knows that the rules can be confusing. One common question is, “What is a bond, and when is a bond required in Illinois probate court?” What Is a Bond? A bond is similar to insurance. If a specified event occurs the issuer… Read more →

Illinois Rules of Intestate Succession

When a person (called a “decedent”) dies in Illinois without a will or other estate planning instrument, some of the decedent’s property may pass to his or her heirs pursuant to the Illinois rules of intestate succession. The Illinois rules of intestate succession are the default rules for inheritance in our state. This… Read more →

Dog Owner Not at Fault When Neighbor Slips

It is well established that under the Illinois Animal Control Act the owner of an animal is legally responsible when that animal causes an injury to another. This is true in the obvious case of an attack or bite, but also in less obvious cases where the animal chases, trips, or kicks someone…. Read more →

The Illinois Probate Process

Out of all the areas of law, probate ranks near the top of those that ordinary people are likely to experience during their lifetimes. Though probate is commonly encountered, the Illinois probate process is shrouded in mystery—which often leads to fear, delay, and sometimes outright avoidance of filing the probate case. This article… Read more →

Inheriting a House – Illinois Law

The death of a close family member can cause a lot of chaos and stress. When it comes to the paying of debts and distribution of assets, the heirs often need to know the rules for inheriting a house in Illinois. This article will discuss the different types of real estate ownership and… Read more →

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