We could not have asked for a better resolution or handling of our situation. Mr. Brabender walked us through every step of the process and is extremely knowledgeable and open on every aspect of the legal proceedings. He is prompt, honest, and experienced. Mr. Brabender patiently walked us through a very stressful dispute with our landlord and offered much needed guidance along the way. We would recommend him to anyone needing his services.


I can't over state how great Andy was to work with on my deposit dispute. He was very thorough in explaining to me all my options each step of the way. He made this process totally painless and easy. I highly recommend working with Andy!

G. S.

Andy made my security deposit dispute as painless as possible. He was thorough, responsive, informative, and incredibly helpful in assisting me during such a stressful time. I would highly recommend Brabender Law and if I have any issues in the future, I’m sure they’ll be the first place I turn!


Andrew is a fantastic attorney. He was extremely helpful providing me advice for a landlord-tenant dispute, and he provided a free consultation to best inform me of my rights.

I would recommend him to any tenant in Chicagoland.

Hayden Dinges

Andy was always quick to respond and super helpful in explaining “legal speak” in easy to understand terminology. He made the entire process quick and easy, and I would definitely recommend working with him to all of my friends and family!

Nick Haas

Andy help settle a dispute quickly. He's very professional, quick to respond, and knowledgeable - explained everything in detail every step of the way and answered all questions I had. Would definitely recommend to anyone needing help!


Andy was straightforward, thorough, and effective in helping me resolve a dispute I had with a landlord. I highly recommend his services.

Mike Shippee

Andy helped my roommates and I recover our security deposit from our Landlord. Andy was great to work with and was very knowledgeable in the area. I would recommend him to anyone that has similar issues.

B. K.

I contacted Joseph Andrew Brabender IV (who goes by his middle name, Andy) in June regarding a VERY complicated issue with my landlord who didn't want to let me out of my lease two weeks before my lease ended (even though my lease was very specific that I could). My husband hates confrontation and just wanted us to pay them whatever they wanted, but I made the executive decision to lawyer up.

I emailed Andy a very detailed and (I'm sorry Andy!) very long email to request a consultation. Andy spent an incredible amount of time researching the matter, and he was very prompt in contacting me to discuss a solution. From the first phone call, I knew I had chosen the correct lawyer. Other lawyers I had contacted all seemed really creepy and underhanded, and they all gave me some cookie cutter responses to my questions. Not Andy. Andy was easy to talk to, and he didn't give me the creeps at all. He was nice and polite, not demeaning or dismissive of my thought or opinions or many questions. He is an excellent listener. He is an obviously very hard worker because he sent emails on weekends, nights, and I appreciated the fact that my case was being handled aggressively at all hours!


Andy was extremely helpful and thorough from our very first conversation through our last email. He knows the rights of tenants and is able to speak in layman's terms to ensure I was completely comfortable with what actions were taking place.


We worked with Andy Brabender to settle a disagreement with our landlord. He was always keeping us updated throughout the processes and answered all of the questions we had...and the outcome was quite agreeable! 10/10 would go to him again for help if I need it in the future. Thanks Andy!


I was able to break my lease, bad landlord-bad communication, Brabender and Chiang LLC was able to get out of the lease, it was easy and affordable. Excellent communication either by email or phone Andrew was always available or at least be able to get back at me ASAP. I will recommended to anyone trying to break a lease in Chicago.


Andy helped my roommates and I in a security deposit dispute with a former landlord. He was extremely helpful throughout the entire process and handled everything via email or phone calls. It is clear Andy is very knowledgeable about tenant law in Chicago. The case was resolved to our satisfaction and I will not hesitate to reach out in the future if similar issues arise.

Don't let landlords illegally take your security deposit - contact Andy and get your money back.


I would highly recommend Andy Brabender & his law firm. He helped me recover my security deposit. He talked me through every step of the way, everything was explained in a way I could understand & he made it very easy. He is very thorough & maintained great communication throughout my case. He exceeded all my expectations & I would not hesitate to call him again.

Elisheva Greebel

To keep it short and sweet, Andy is my first (personal) dealing with a lawyer and it was quite pleasant (esp. given how unpleasant legal concerns are). He was prompt to reply, clearly advised on the possible/best courses to action, and was able to relatively quickly resolve our rental-related legal dispute (we are tenants).

W. E.

Andy was very helpful in helping us resolve a recent dispute. He took the time to make sure we understood everything and help us weigh our options. He is very thorough in his work and easy to communicate with, and helped us get the outcome we were hoping for!

Sally Zimmerman

Andy was a pleasure to work with. He is extremely responsive, empathetic and kind. Was able to recover our security deposit plus additional money. My husband and I were very pleased with the outcome and can't recommend him enough! If you're dealing with any issues with your security deposit, Andy will make this process easy and stress free for you. Highly recommend!


Andy was always very clear regarding the amount of time he spent on the case and how that would directly affect any settlement offered, and since I was not surprised this would be the case (since my issue was VERY, VERY complicated), it was no big deal. He was always upfront on how long things were taking and where he was on the case. We handled everything over the phone or via email, so it was super easy. No travelling back and forth to his office or running to the post office. It was great.

Wasay Khan

Andy handled a landlord-tenant dispute for me (the tenant) and did a great job. We were on a very tight timeline and he was incredibly responsive and also did a great job keeping all parties to these tight timelines as well. Andy is clearly super knowledgeable about tenant laws here in Chicago and his advice and expertise was not only invaluable and key to winning our case, but was also very important for any future situations I may run into as either a tenant or a landlord. Overall, I'm completely satisfied with the outcome, I felt Andy represented my needs first and foremost, and the whole process was much easier than I anticipated which made all the difference in whether or not to pursue the matter in the first place.

If you or someone else runs into a landlord-tenant dispute, I highly recommend reading Andy's e-book (it's free!) and take his advice! Set up a consultation if it makes sense and take his word if it's worth pursuing or not. Andy did a great job laying it out clearly what the risks were for me if I chose to pursue things and whether or not it was worth taking the risk. I think many other attorneys might jump at the chance to make a buck rather than taking the time to explain if pursuing a matter actually puts you at more risk than that matter might be worth. I will be referring friends and family.


We worked with Andy because our landlord wasn’t giving us back our security deposit - Andy was incredible transparent about the process, available to answer our questions, and very helpful during a particularly stressful situation. We were able to get back our deposit plus more and not have to go to court with his help. We cannot recommend enough! I hope to not have another law issue but if we do, we will be calling Andy.


Andy's website and emails were very informative and helpful. Once I contacted him, he was prompt and professional in helping me with my case regarding my security deposit. Everything was resolved quickly and efficiently, thanks in part to Andy being so on top of his job. Would highly recommend Andy to anyone who is having landlord issues, whether is be regarding a security deposit or any other issues. He really knows his stuff!


Without him, moving to a new apartment would have been more stressful. He made it a breeze because I could relax knowing that he wouldn't let my psycho former landlord get the best of me. I am comforted in knowing that my former landlord will be much less likely to try to pull some similar stunt on another innocent tenant any time soon. Not after getting the business end of Andy Brabender, that is.

Ryan K.

Andy is a true professional. I was hesitant to pursue a legal case against my landlord after a security deposit dispute because I wasn't too informed on the law but after reading the reviews here and doing some research, I decided to give Andy a call. I am so glad I did - he is excellent at breaking down the situation to you and what he recommends as the best course of action. I would highly recommend him to anyone!!


Andy got my security deposit back quickly. He is very patient, thorough and knowledgeable about the process. I asked many questions and Andy answered all of them. I would definitely recommend Andy for any security deposit issues.


Andy is great to work with. He helped my roommates & I with a security deposit issue. He was very clear in his explanations, was prompt in answering our questions and the whole process was very smooth. I would highly recommend him!

Pratiksha Menon

I worked with Andy in 2017 because my landlord didn't return my security deposit. He was able to find many loopholes in the lease and the way the landlord managed the apartment. Eventually he was able to make the landlord pay more than twice as much without having to go to court. Andy is an expert and he's very knowledgeable in Chicago real estate law. I highly recommend him!

Atheer Othman

I had the pleasure of working with Andy after being referred to him by a friend. Unfortunately, I was in a bit of a messy personal injury situation that I had to deal with while being halfway across the country. So the first dozen or so interactions with Andy were virtual. It's not often that I trust someone with this level of detail about my life without shaking their hand and/or sitting across the table from them. However, Andy made the process as pain-free as possible. He was incredibly prompt, on the ball, and straight to the point with no BS. He boiled legal jargon down into a digestible format and was patient with me when I asked him to repeat concepts over and over. Andy never left me hanging, so I didn't have to worry about "managing" him like you do with other lawyers, consultants, etc., which in turn lowered my stress level and let me sleep easier at night. Lastly, he was completely up front about the expenses he was incurring and always laid out financial implications/trade-offs of decisions we were making. I was never surprised or upset at the invoices he sent me.

Bottom line is that I would recommend Andy to just about anyone who needs a good personal injury lawyer in Chicago.

Kevin Callaghan

Should’ve left this review sooner… Andy was professional and thorough every step of the way. His intake process is simple, his responses are quick and he makes sure you’re informed and involved in your case from start to finish. He made the process painless… literally don’t have enough nice words to express how great of an attorney he is. You will not regret working with him!