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Are Bars Responsible for Injuries Sustained by Intoxicated Patrons Who Ignore Posted Warnings About Dangerous Conditions?

Bar patrons often become intoxicated. Unfortunately, this can lead to poor decision making. Inebriated customers sometimes engage in dangerous behavior due to alcohol impairment, and they might even ignore clear signage that discourages particular behaviors. In the case of Smith v. The Purple Frog Inc., the Illinois Appellate Court considers whether business owners… Read more →

Are landowners and Lessees Responsible for Children Drowning in Ice-Covered Water?

Most children are naturally curious and enjoy exploring their surroundings, even when they recognize that doing so could be dangerous. Because of this, parks often contain fences that prevent children from leaving the grounds and playing in hazardous areas. In the case of Yacoub v. Chicago Parks District, the Illinois Appellate Court considers… Read more →

Who is Responsible for Injuries Sustained on a Subleased Property?

Throughout Illinois, subleasing is a common practice. However, it can lead to questions of liability when a third party is injured on the subleased premises. In the case of Wright v. Mr. Quick, Inc., the Illinois Supreme Court considers the question of whether the sublessee (the new tenant) or the sublessor (the original… Read more →

Are Property Owners Responsible for Injuries Sustained on their Land in Cases When the Injured Party Ignores a Dangerous Situation?

Property owners often invite guests onto their land. At times, these guests engage in dangerous conduct or disregard hazardous situations that arise. Unfortunately, this can result in serious injury. In the case of Lee v. Lee, the Illinois Appellate Court considers whether a property owner is responsible when guests are injured under these… Read more →

Are Landlords Responsible Damage to Tenant Property Stored in a Rented Warehouse?

When companies have an immediate need to lease storage space, they sometimes make quick decisions and choose facilities that aren’t ideal for their needs. This can lead to a number of undesirable results, including significant damage to tenant property. In the case of A.O. Smith Corp. v. Kaufman Grain Co., the Illinois Appellate… Read more →

Are Landlords Responsible for Injuries Tenants Sustain as a Result of a Vermin Infestation?

When tenants live in close proximity within a multi-unit dwelling, it is common for the building to become infested with mice, bugs, or other vermin. Unfortunately, such infestations can pose a number of risks to the building’s occupants. In the case of Mangan v. F. C. Pilgrim & Co.,the Illinois Appellate Court addresses… Read more →

Are Landlords Responsible for Injuries that Occur as a Result of Their Failure to Make Promised Repairs?

When dangerous or defective conditions arise at their rental property, tenants typically notify the landlord or property manager and request repairs. Many of these issues are promptly fixed. However, this is not always the case. Problems sometimes go unaddressed for long periods of time, even when the landlord has agreed to remedy the… Read more →

Chicago Housing Authority Responsible for Injuries: Steam Pipe Guards

In large cities such as Chicago, many tenants live in public housing that is overseen by municipal organizations. The Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) is one such organization. Unfortunately, many buildings and units managed by municipal organizations are not in good repair. This can result in serious injuries to both tenants and their guests…. Read more →

Are Landlords Responsible for Protecting Guests from Injury When Tenants Own a Dangerous Dog?

In Illinois and throughout the United States, it is common for renters to have pets live with them at a rental property. It is also common for renters to lack an insurance policy that covers injuries their pets inflict. In the case of Klitzka vs. Hellios, the Illinois Appellate Court addresses whether landlords… Read more →

Are Landlords Liable When Tenants’ Guests Are Injured Falling Down the Stairs at a Rental Property?

Renters are often unaware of the protocol they must follow when their home or apartment is in need of repair. Unfortunately, this means serious issues sometimes go unaddressed, which can result in injuries to tenants and their guests. In the case of Gilley v. Kiddel, the Illinois Appellate Court addresses the question of… Read more →

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